Flyer Mexico City


Tus dibujos, bocetos, palabras y mensajes. encima de un muro exterior.
Mientras estás pintando.
Con o Contra los demás.
Como una imagen viva, que sigue transformándose.

Junto con los artistas Marlene Hausegger (Viena, AT) y Simon Janssen (Hamburg, D) dibujamos, filmamos y proyectamos sobre un muro exterior del Goethe-Institut. Bring your music, let ́s get the battle started!

DEL 23 AL 26 DE ENERO DE 2017
18:00 – 21:00 HORAS


Foro Cultural de Austria en México / Alemania México / Goethe Institut México


A table with papers and pens are set up for everyone to draw their personal statements, portraits, scetches or doodles to be then live-recorded with cameras and projected largly onto a wall in public space.

Two cameras filming simultaniously allow interactions between multiple drawers to cooperate or compete on one big canvas.

Today we consider current urban developments that reduce the public space to controlled spaces, where the time permitted for games and play is increasingly restricted.

DRAWINGBATTLECLUB should create a place where young people can stay, play and chat, be creative and draw, play their own music or just enjoy the new views.

The processual, unfinished character of the projections reflect the ever-mutating city itself. The projections are bound to come in and out of focus, periodically releasing meanings into the world.

DRAWINGBATTLECLUB is a youth-project by austrian artist Marlene Hausegger and german video artist Simon Janssen which took place for the first time in september 2016 in Vienna curated by KÖR. The DRAWINGBATTLECLUB CMXX takes place in Mexico City at the Goethe Institut on four consecutive nights with the participation of students from the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria during the last week of january 2017.

Vienna '16

@Braunhirschenpark, September 2016

We set up our installation on two consecutive nights in Vienna's Braunhirschenpark with the participation of kids and young people from the neighbourhood. Some of the drawings will be used as source material for further editing and conceptional reflections on another artistic work in the park by Marlene Hausegger in early 2017.

Initiated by KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien. In cooperation with MA 13 - Bildung und außerschulische Jugendbetreuung, Bezirksvorstehung Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Zeit!Raum Wien, Fair-Play-Team.15, Juvivo 15 and Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerung. With friendy support from Urban Monkey.


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